IBA Melbourne will be a process and a platform which responds directly to Plan Melbourne. The 100 year old tried and tested model of an IBA ensures that we bring together planning, building development, finance, research, theory and most importantly the people of Melbourne to help shape our future.

It is up to this generation to tip the balance towards a future where Victoria is socially and economically strong, environmentally resilient, and engaged with the opportunities of a rapidly changing world.

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Our proposal is to bring together the experts and the public using the IBA model to deliver on the key areas set out by Plan Melbourne.


Melbourne’s population is projected to grow from 4.5 million to almost 8 million — with Victoria’s total population set to top 10 million by 2051


The economy will need to adapt and grow, creating another 1.5 million jobs for a changing workforce


The city will need to build another 1.6 million homes in places where people want to live.


The city’s transport network will need to cater for around 10 million more trips a day — an increase of more than 80%


The city will have to cope with more extreme heat and longer droughts, as well as increased risks of extreme bushfires, storms and floods

& liveability

As it grows, Melbourne needs to protect its liveability and sense of community 


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