Through the IBA International network, we open ourselves up to shared global housing research and opportunities to learn from other built IBA demonstration projects in cities that have been tackling and solving density issues for far longer than we have.


IBA Melbourne would be a world first
Asia-Pacific IBA

…a format originally developed in Germany a hundred years ago. Since then, the IBA has become an instrument for visionary urban development. An IBA seeks to overcome institutional and territorial boundaries within a new approach, such as for cross-border planning and cooperation processes…

ISOCARP: Knowledge for better cities 


The IBA model offers an insight into tried and tested consultation and engagement programs.
Opposite are some images from Vallastaden 2017, showcasing the engagement of all demographics within the consultation process and the actual event itself. We can learn from past IBA events about the most successful and just as importantly, the unsuccessful engagement programs implemented.


Successful engagement ensures that the people who are going to live in the built precincts form part of the IBA Melbourne team from the outset through to the delivery of the built homes.



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